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May 16, 2017


Life with Liv- Disneyland

This family needs no introduction.  They have graced your screens quite a few times with all of their family gatherings and portrait photography. Well, they are at it again and luckily..I have still been invited along for the ride! This time, their adventures took me to DISNEYLAND, to celebrate this happy little nugget’s SECOND birthday! Oh my, where does the time go!?

You all know from past posts, that Chanell was the Queen of SBE, throwing parties and tending to the elite of the hollywood for many years. It is in her blood and that drive to throw a great party has not diminished since having Liv. It just got more child friendly…well, minus the wine.  The day started at 2:30, where our entire clan was meeting up from all over California to celebrate this little one’s birthday. We had one mom, one dad, one Mimi, three uncles, two aunts, one BFF, and of course, one photographer. Chanell had these adorable shirts made for everyone; one side read  “Olivia’s 2nd Birthday”, the other was their family title. Too cute!

Disneyland Birthday Photography

Her first encounter with Minnie went really well! Olivia didn’t get scared and even shook her hand. It wasn’t till we walked away that she realized she wanted more! So, we distracted her with some fun.

Disneyland Photoshoot

Then, her uncle gave her and Gigi the greatest present on earth!!!!!!! A bubble wand. We left a trail of bubbles where ever we went…even in the faces of some innocent bi-standards who Gigi felt needed some soap to brighten their day!

Disneyland Birthday Photography

And of course, a dance party began. I even caught Liv using the bubble wand as a microphone, because ya know, all good young pop stars in the making need to be a triple threat. Everyone got in on the action and Cars Land became a nightclub dance floor!

After everyone got the chance to dance a little bit, it was time to meander over to A Bug’s Land and try out an actual ride. Chanell chose the lady bug of death, I mean, the spinning lady bug for kids. 🙂 While the entire family looked on, and Uncle Spencer taped, the ride began to slowly start. As it went around for the first turn, the ladybug started to spin faster than all the others (ahem, Uncle Spencer) and the kids started to fly about their seats. The operator stopped the ride after two seconds and nicely asked them to exit the ride. Thankfully, we have the entire moment documented through film and photography!

After this near death experience, Olivia welcomed our next activity. A nice and quiet lunch with some appearances from her favorite Disney Princesses. Ariel, Snow White, and Tiana were all in attendance. When Belle came to see her though, Olivia jumped out of her mom’s hands and catapulted herself into Belle’s arms (probably from safety from any more ladybug rides). It was adorable and a moment I will never forget.

Finally, we ended the day with a delicious meal from Ariels Grotto and sang Happy Birthday to this precocious two year old.

Happy Birthday Liv!