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January 8, 2019

The Well Venue

The Well Venue

The desert never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I have found all the magical places it holds…I find out that I am WRONG! The Hahne family called me to update their family photos and suggested we shoot at a nursery in Desert Hot Springs. I googled the location and was like, hmm….where in the world are we going!? I almost fell over when I started to explore this property….it is STUNNING! People, I present you with The Well Venue, take a look!This amazing rust wall is right beside an open area that is set up for a reception. Adorned with outdoor string lights, you can envision yourself dancing into the night at someone’s wedding. They also converted an airstream into a bar, which is absolutely adorable. As you head towards the back of the property, you walk on perfectly manicured pathways lined with gorgeous trees, cactus and floral bushes. Random car parts and other pieces of artwork also guide you to the most perfect cool water pond. This place was a photographers dream come true!As I gush about this magical property, I realize I haven’t mentioned how much I love this family. First, they look like super models. Secondly, they are just the nicest people you have ever met. I can’t get enough of the love and energy you feel when you look at their photos. They make my job super easy.

Yup. Pretty much the best photo shoot ever. Thank you so much for The Well Venue for having us and to the Hahne family for trusting me with your precious memories once again! Happy New Year everyone!