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July 11, 2018

My Baby | Jaxson

My Baby | Jaxson

Let me introduce you to my baby, the newest addition to our family, Jaxson! We welcomed him on May 31, 2018.

Jaxson’s due date was June 9, 2018. He decided to come two weeks early, just in time for his grandparents from Canada to get into town. They had scheduled their trip two weeks early, and we were all super anxious that they would miss his birth. He must have sensed that we were ready for him to make his appearance, because the day after they got into town, my water broke at 6am. Aaron and I had gone to a few pregnancy classes that advised you to go directly to the hospital once you water has broken.

Traditionally, you should be feeling contractions and laboring for a few hours before this happens, but not for me :). I wasn’t have any serious contractions. So, we slowly packed my hospital bag, hugged his parents, and drove off to Desert Regional to admit myself into the maternity ward. When I got to the hospital, they tested me to make sure my water had actually broken, since I wasn’t having any contractions nor was I dilated. After 30 minutes, they came back and told me I was getting admitted. It was time to have a baby!

Birthing Story

They moved me into my birthing suite and hooked me up to an IV. I was told that since my water broke, I was susceptible to infection, so it was best for me to stay in bed. They gave me a pill that would hopefully start the contractions and get me on my way. But the first pill didn’t do much. So, another was administered and we waited. That one started my contractions fast and furious and by 6PM that night, after being told I was only 1cm dilated, I begged for an epidural. One was administered and Aaron and I got some much needed sleep that night before our little man’s arrival.

The next morning the nurses checked me and I was 6cm dilated! I was so excited that we were one step closer to seeing our beautiful baby boy. They told me that they would come back around lunch time and hopefully it would be time to start pushing. Just like clock work, the nurse came back in around 12pm and I was fully dilated and ready to start the process. It took two hours of active labor to get him out, but he finally came into this world at 2:25pm with a full head of hair.

He’s Here!

I cried, as most mom’s do I imagine, when they placed him on my chest. 9 long months of patiently waiting to see his little face, and the wait was finally over. So many emotions came rushing over me. Mainly pure joy that he was delivered safely with no complications.

Now, being a photographer, everyone joked that he would grow up with a camera in his face. I didn’t want to disappoint, so here is Jaxson’s first photoshoot photos!







Are you having a baby and want to capture all the little details? Reach out to me through my contact page and say hi! I can’t wait to meet you.