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December 24, 2017

Six Month Photos

Six Month Photos | Connor

Connor rocked his six month photos!  Instead of doing a Newborn Photoshoot, Connor’s parents decided to wait to photograph their new bundle of joy until he was a little bit older. I love that they did because Connor was just full of personality and actually sitting up on his own!

Annie and I actually met on her wedding day! My best friend at the time had already confirmed her plus one month’s before the date and asked me to come along to fill the spot. The wedding was taking place in Yosemite National Park, which I had never been to, so I said YES!

It was one of the most magical weddings I had ever been to.  Her friends and family had pretty much rented out the entire Evergreen Lodge. The day of the wedding, we made our way down a dirt path to a pasture where chairs had been set up for the ceremony. Adam waited nervously for Annie to walk down the aisle. I remember looking back to see his reaction when he saw her for the first time. It brought tears to my eyes, he looked so happy. Everything about that day was perfect and a weekend I will never forget.

Thankfully, Annie and I kept in touch and we became friends. We both were aspiring actresses at the time, so we had fun discussing the in’s and out’s of the business with one another.  It is funny because it is year’s later and both of us have realized that acting was not fulfilling our lives. She is now a successful business owner and extremely talented potter. She started her own business called Quigley Ceramics, which as the most unusual and gorgeous pieces I think I have ever seen. You can also follow her process on her Instagram page.